Clips of our doggies

Enjoying the beautiful weather with the doggies
Walk on a rainy day
Dad Wish & daughter Jewel observing Mum Zafira playing with daughter Quisy
Goldie & Diva playing
Kitty & Diva playing
Kitty & Diva playing
Kennelday may 2014 - Moulin Willaime
Playing with water to cool down
A few doggies in the garden
Jilly, Gaia and Zafi are playing
Zafira, Wish, Flo & Dinkah playing in the snow December 2011
Phaedra calls jijia like the monkeys
Jijia & Eyin on the trampoline with Kylian
The dogs, the kids and the lawn mower
Wish, Zafira & Rocco are playing
Ready Start: June 2011
Este & Dinkah dressed as Afghan Hound
Rocco & Jilly are playing - May 2011
A few doggies inside with us
Playing with the owner
Alfa & Bèta are fixating each other
3 gangsters in the garden. Rocco, Zafira & K-Free
Peachy showing she's older than Rocco
Our doggies in the garden 2011
Together in the garden 2010