Clips socialization puppies

Having fun at Diekirch
Playing Kangaroo with the puppies
Cuddling and rolling bowling
Cuddling at the vets after vaccination and microchipping
At the big school - No I'm not giving you a kiss
At the big school - blowdrying after the bath
At the big school - Meeting other doggies
At the big school - Unlimited cuddling
Napping with a lawnmower and birds as background noise
The other outdoor playpen
Visit at daddy Boy 2
Visit at daddy Boy
First time on the terrace
Discovering the play area near the doggies
The puppies want to escape... lol
We're already playing a little bit with toys
Cuddling with the visitors
Little Kay (L'aphrodisiaque at The Border Inn) visiting
Gone with the litterbox. Long live freedom!!!
They adore to be cuddled
First time in the tunnel
Meeting the outside world
Meeting a shih tzu and kids at a friends house
And to finish the lesson, more cuddling
First time on a leash
First time putting on a collar
Meeting Pilla the vets dog
Why the puppies like to go to the vet
Meeting the cat
Vaccination and checkup
Sunny the little rascal
Placing the microchip
Visit at the vet
Playing in the bottlebox is fun!!!
Learning to sit
Playing with our son
Running in the tunnel
Learning how to play football
Or how do you learn puppies to search
Playing in the grass
How puppies need to work for their treats...
Our swimming pool for when we are a little bigger
Playing with the leaves of trees is so funny
Pitstop in the park
Even at the pharmacy they like puppies
Lots of cuddling
Many are interested in the puppies at Tom & Co. Even the smallest ones
Massage during feeding
1st trip experience to Tom & Co and Knauf Center
Discovering a new toy
The wobble board is fun
Everywhere under, through, over and in
And as a reward after grooming, lots of cuddling
One finds grooming more enjoyable than the other
Arrival at the big school
Meeting other big doggies
Balls, large tunnels and unstable surfaces
Everyone an individual portion
After feeding we go out to do our needs
First time potty training
Playing with the tunnel
Playing with an empty bowl
We don't react to drill sounds
Mummy Zafi keeps an eye on the puppies
Mmmmm tasty meat with yogurt
Playing together
New toys
Introduction of the bench
Daddy Wish is also checking up on his little ones
Aunty Rosi and the puppies
Discovery of the toys
Cuddling, Music and voice testing
Diva & Nana are curious
Cuddling with the puppies and aunty Rosi
Cuddling with the puppies
At the big school in Bastogne
On our way to Bastogne
Socialisation with kids
Pitstop near Namur at the way home from UZ Brussels
Socialisation at the UZ Brussels part 2
Socialisation at the clinique of UZ Brussels
Socializing with other doggies
A pit stop during the walk to explore a new area
Walk with the doggies and first time out in the buggy for the puppies
Introduction of the tunnel
Our daughter is cuddling with the puppies
Cuddling with the puppies
Mmmmm yummy. First time meat
First time out
Socialising with other dogs
Mmmm yuppy chewies
Puppyplaytime 2
Puppy Playtime!!!
Playing in the garden
Playing with Kitty and Mika
Kitty plays with the little puppies
Babys for the first time outside in their bath
Playing playing playing
Visite at the Atheneum from Bastogne part 2
Visite at the Atheneum from Bastogne
Playing outside with mummy part 2
Playing outside with mummy
With Molly in the balltank
Socialization with little kids part 2
Socialization with little kids
We playfight in the balltank
In the garden at friends 2nd part
At friends in the garden
Socialisation at friends part 2
Socialisation at friends
Flat tire on the road...
Socialisation at friends
Playing and cuddling the puppies
The agilitybag
Yesssss the ball pool!!!!
Playing and nibbling
socialization with other dogs
Occupation for mummy so the puppies can drink at ease
Introduction of the bench
Exploring the living room
Cuddling with our daughter
Our grandgirl with the puppies together with Jilly
Meat and great with the vets puppy
It's plesant at the vets
The puppies and our son
The puppies and the kong wobbler
Mirabelle and the puppies
Going out for the 1st time @ 6 weeks - Bastogne - Back home
Going out for the 1st time @ 6 weeks - Bastogne - Puppies are really tired after playing
Going out for the 1st time @ 6 weeks - Bastogne town
Going out for the 1st time @ 6 weeks - Bastogne parc Elisabeth
Going out for the 1st time @ 6 weeks - Bastogne parc Elisabeth
With mummy Zafi and her puppies for the first time outdoors at Bastogne @ 6 weeks
The cheesekongs
Madi learns to sit
Mika and her new little handlers
Socialisation with kids
The sounds of the Wii
Macho Nacho and the bal
Gismo and the ball
Introduction of the sound from the vacuum cleaner
Cuddling with the puppies
Introduction of the bench
Socialising with bigger puppies
Socialisation with kids
Hugging, looking at the tv and having a drink at the bar go hand in hand
The puppies at the fair in Luik
Puppies in the garden
Cuddling with the kids and the chef of the house
Getting used to street noise
Socialisation with other puppies
Socializing with visitors
The big plastic bag
Puppies meat the open air with mummy
Puppies socialising with our granddaughter
Socialisation @ the border inn 2010
At the night market at Bastogne
At the traditional market at Fourneau St Michel
Socialising in Bastogne
Cleaning with border collies...
Habitation to the vacuum cleaner