Peter - Anja

Change of streetname since 1/6/2016!!!

New name: Chemin Sulbout 1
B-6680 Houmont/Tillet

Old name: Houmont 27
B-6680 Sainte-Ode

0032 (0)498 102491

KMSH/SRSH : 12411 - The Border Inn (at)

HK : 10803089

VAT : BE 0674278870

Houmont is a small village near Bastogne in Belgium.

Finding us by GPS should be no problem. The most GPS receivers will lead you to our dog-kennel, but some positioning systems may try to lead you by small farmer roads. You should always stay on the tarmac.

You can, if you wish, download a map.

We can answer your questions in Nederlands, Français, English and Deutsch