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Due to the new European law introduced on 29/12/2014, all puppies travalling in the European Union (from one country to another) must be vaccinated for rabies from 12 weeks on + have a 3 weeks of waiting period after vaccination. This means that all puppies leaving our kennel for exportation (so leaving Belgium) will be at least 16 weeks!!!

No border collie puppies available at this moment

Nes Caramelita at The Border Inn
Future Pedigree
Estimated birth :
Mon 07 May 2018
Moondust Red Hot Valkyrie
The sonographie has confirmed that Kitty will be having puppies from our beautiful boy Junior. We only expect Austalian red puppies out of this couple. These little cuddling fluffy puppies descend mostly out of showlines. Inbreeding 8% over 12 generations. As both parents are tested by DNA for the following diseases/anomalies, the puppies can't be affected for: CEA (Collie eye anomaly) - TNS (Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome) - MDR1 (Multi Drug resistance also called Ivermectine deficiency) - IGS (ImerslundGräsbeck syndrome or Malabsorptie Vit B12) - PLL (Primaire Lens Luxation) - HL 1 (Hiplaxitie gene 1) - HL 2 (Hiplaxitie gene 2) - CL(N) (Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis) - CN (Cyclic Neutropenia or Gray Collie Syndrome) - Mucco Type 7 (Mucopolysaccharidose Type 7) - PCD (Primaire Ciliary Dyskinesia) - CSNB (Congenital Stationary Night Blindness) - XSCID (X related Severe Combined Immuno Deficientie) - MH (Maligne Hyperthermie) - rcd3PRA (RodCone Degeneration 3 Progressieve Retina Atrofie) - HUU (Hyperuricemie) - CMR1 (Canine Multifocal Retinopathy) - gPRA (Generalized Progressieve Atrofie of the retina) - Bobtail (Brachyurie) - DF (Dermatofibrose) - DM (Degenerative Myelopathie) - MC2 (Myotonia Congenita 2) - CLAD III (Canine Leukocyt Adhesie Deficiëntie III) - RS (Raine Syndrome or Dental Hypomineralization). Op top of all that parents have also been tested and are clear for: Hipdysplasia by X-ray (Mum HD A2 and Dad HD B) and Ophtalmology test (Gonioscopie included). They also have a breedingcertificate that states they are conform the breedingstandard issued by a judge with cynological knowledge.

Op Bella figlia dell'amore at The Border Inn

Bella is having her first litter in the spring. Who will be the dad and what type of puppies (activity and colour) we will have, will be communicated later on.

MoD Choco Bomb at The Border Inn

This autumn our Molly will be cuddling too, but when isn't precisely determined. Only nature knows...