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Due to the new European law introduced on 29/12/2014, all puppies travalling in the European Union (from one country to another) must be vaccinated for rabies from 12 weeks on + have a 3 weeks of waiting period after vaccination. This means that all puppies leaving our kennel for exportation (so leaving Belgium) will be at least 16 weeks!!!

No border collie puppies available at this moment

MoD Choco Bomb at The Border Inn
Future Pedigree
Estimated birth :
Wed 16 May 2018
Moondust Red Hot Valkyrie
At springtime this girl will be in season and our beautiful Junior will then be presented as her loverboy if she wants is too. For the correct date it'll be waiting for nature.

Nes Caramelita at The Border Inn

This year a litter with our Kitty is planned, but only nature knows when...